monday blues on sundays

i love my sunday and i hate it when all the charm of a sunday vanishes, as the sinking realization sets in that you have a hellish work week ahead.


8 thoughts on “monday blues on sundays

  1. Thats uncanny. I was thinking along the same lines today. First weekend off in three weeks and it just sped by fulfilling social obligations.
    Oh god, its a crazy 5 days ahead of me. 😦

  2. thats just my thoughts spoken out aloud.. only a minor change though..
    havent had a weekend since like 4 weeks, and a hellish 16 days to follow..
    Allah miyaan, please dont deprive me of my sanity.. sigh

  3. Hi! How is a stranger supposed to introduce themselves without coming out as a freak?

    Anyhoo… I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, after I stumbled across it somehow, and I’m sorry in advance if you feel its an invasion of your privacy… but you write really well and I find myself coming to your blog every now and then. First it was only this one, then “this brides prejudice”… which is what basically really got me hooked…

    Why am I telling you this? I dont know, but I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now… maybe just to get rid of some of the guilt of reading something I really dont have the “right” to. Or beacuse I enjoy your life like a housewife would a soap opera…

    Bottom line… You put a great spin on everyday events and maybe if you ever write a book… i know I’d want read it.

  4. hahah.. sad, the world of blogging introduces some unusual social etiquette. we are all learning. thanks for your comments and keep visiting!!

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