5 words that sound like what they mean.

1. zsa zsa zsu
2. ostentatious
3. ooomph
4. luscious
5. snooty


12 thoughts on “5 words that sound like what they mean.

  1. hahaha so true!

    nice meeting you yesterday 🙂 i realized later that the first time i saw you was at espresso too. isn’t the blogging world just a really small place?

  2. saba it was good meeting you also. ive realized the blogging world is shrinking suddenly. we seem to be bumping into each other all the time. recently i also met bbcd who is here from london. 5 years ago…who’d have thought?

  3. zsa zsa zsu is a term made popular in one of the sex and the city episodes…it refers to that feeling, that certain spark between two people that cannot be defined…the chemistry, the “je-ne-sais-quoi”….if anyone can explain it better, please do!

  4. zsa zsa zsu is when all words fail and only a flip flop feeling in the stomach remains…that makes you want to say fell do everything in one go 🙂

  5. your list of words reminded me of my theory that the word sex is actually a very inappropiate word for sex. doesn’t it sound more like…plastic money? yeah, u got to a shop, by something and say ‘sex this for me will you?’ now the word sex would be more appropiate there. the word sex should be substituted with a more voluptous-ish word.

  6. hahahah. it doesnt really ever come up in conversation you know. its more of a word that exists and makes the word a slightly better vocabularied place.

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