flipping the override switch

it builds up gradually, this sense of having “had enough”.
circumstances, people, words all stack up as the patience level falls and your emotional intelligence gives way. most of the time i prefer to believe that i am an evolving indivdual who perceives each situation in isolation, judging what im required to do as a result of clear thinking and some emotional weightage but lately i have come to realize that the more you believe in personal growth, the more people around you tend to expect you to “always understand”. i am fast coming to the conclusion that “living” life does not always involve being removed enough from a situaion to be able to do what’s best for all concerned and feeling superior to a confrontation. sometimes it requires you to be in the hotseat, making decisions that might hurt, making calls that might be risky and in essence taking a side that might bring about some kind of change. a submerged living, where you want to teeter on the brink of 2 takes is sometimes the most cowardly kind of existence, one that shows that you don’t actually have a stance at all. and personally, at 28, that kind of living is simply not good enough.


7 thoughts on “flipping the override switch

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a rough time.

    Its always advisable to take a stand and be as forthright as possible…hurts at that time but saves you from the what ifs later on. You really can’t teeter on the edge and please everyone.

  2. i dont know khiz, its different stands at different ages. all very relative. but we have our own set of battles all of us…and little by little we realize its upto us to win. you hang in there. love you.

    sam…. dont i know it. it sounds much worse than it is. but eventually it boils over.

  3. ‘people around you tend to expect you to “always understand”.’

    oh i know what you mean. i hate that phrase, ‘please understand’. argh. i hope things get better.

  4. Being diplomatic might keep you at arms length from any conflict…
    but it takes away from your genuinity of being a “real” person.

    I agree because at the age I’ve reached, I’d pick real and jagged
    plastic and generic hands down.

  5. u are so right! these days iam feeling like fixing up my mom in law.and i got the courage after reading ur article cant thank u enough:)

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