for god’s sake, grow up.

Allow Events to Change You:
You have to be willing to grow.
Growth is different from something that happens to you.
You produce it. You live it.
The prerequisites for growth:
the openness to experience events
and the willingness to be changed by them.

—Bruce Mau, designer


8 thoughts on “for god’s sake, grow up.

  1. attended bruce maus exhibition at the art gallery of ontario…MASSIVE CHANGE “the future of global design” was awesome…it was like walking through a world of graphics, architecture, installation, typography, images, film….all aspects of design at once..quite overwhelming

  2. I actually think of this in reverse….
    I think people tend to let their happenings change who they are without maintaining the integrity of what they “were”. Oftentimes they let themselves be dragged along by the tide as opposed to holding their stance….

    But…I have a feeling that this had a double meaning/message for someone specifically.(?)

  3. urban niche, im JEALOUS. i really enjoy bruce mau’s words on design. very real. sigh. any pics? brochures? anything you can post??

    sdit…i think it can work both ways. too relative really but yes this was posted in sheer frustration to where i stand these days. 😀

  4. hahaha. slap away. the sooner you get it out of your system the better for your own moving ahead. also do keep in mind, slaps come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes 😉

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