winter chai

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garam garam chai ka mug in the cold cold winter air,
sitting outdoors watching People
and to be in
no rush
to be anywhere particular
anytime soon.


19 thoughts on “winter chai

  1. That’s funny …just put up a chai post on my own page….

    I’m much more of a coffee chica…but I can never turn down a great cup of chai/tea!

  2. im not a chai person at all but ironically the one thing i miss bout khi is goin for chai with friends in winter evenings….
    no rush is what i miss the most and am gladly coming to very soon…
    great picture…has a very tactile feel to it…full of textures and lovely hues…

  3. i’m super-intrigued by the pic! tonally and compositionally, it has a really sophisticated Dutch, Calvinist flavour to it. how’d you manage the brightness of that stove to look so matted? digitally manipulated at all? lovely!

  4. i think i’ve either been in north america too long or people in pakistan have changed their chai habits. it’s insane how much chai is consumed in that country.

  5. hehe. scavengerite, all thats done to the pic is slight contrast otherwise it was good light in a chai ka khokha en route to hyderabad. just a moment thing 🙂

    urbanniche…i think youre coming home soon to the land of chai eh? hopefully it will be cooler again for a bit.

    anon: why are you anon and dont you know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? so anyone who copies me, flatters me.
    plus you all know who the original is 😉 heh.

    abbas: chai is more than a drink here. its a custom. (more on this later one day)

  6. I have a new kenyan room mate, who had his first taste of doodh patti the other night. His comment that left me laughing for a while “You Have To Share This Recipe” 😀

    I think we need a Pakistan style Chai House in Canada, a local chapter of Bakra if you may :D!!


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