romancing the book.

Armed with a debit card in Liberty Books is my nightmare- one that I indulge myself in every few days. It was bad enough that the ATm was close by at Park Towers but now that they accept the debit card in the shop itslef, I have physically keep myself from picking up random (and specific) books off the shelf in excitement over the fresh, newly printed covers which beckon to me whispering “buy meee, buy meee.”

K does his best to veer me away from Liberty (he is under strict orders of course), but somehow a smiel from me, wheedling at first insistent soon after, and I find myself in book heaven. How can someone NOT spend hours looking at book titles, browsing through new ones and simply rereading favourite paragraphs from old ones while standing right there? It’s like there is someone tangible force alive in there. Maybe they put drugs in their books.

Most happy with my buy today, which i didn’t even feel with a quick swipe of my debit card (i don’t believe in credit cards yet), I’m writing right now prolonging the anticipation till I get my time alone with My New Book. The excitement shimmers thourhg me, as I look ahead to several hours of gratification and blocking out the world, when it will finally be just the two of us.


16 thoughts on “romancing the book.

  1. yes! – which one? I love shopping
    for books – mostly second hand –
    BUT a few days ago I went shopping
    and bought a few new! And I
    always find Calvin and Hobbes
    at the Salvation Army’s!

  2. Haha which one? Ammi hates the combination of me and my debit card inside the liberty store! I recently got ‘The Shadows of the Wind’, a few chapters down – its FAB. Highly recommended. 🙂

    P.S. After Liberty, I went shoe shopping at Hush Puppies, and sadly they didn’t accept debit cards! I convinced them to get the system! And I could see Ammi giving me THAT look that Ammis give…! 😉

    Happy reading!

  3. my first visit to liberty when visiting last year left me with 42…yes, FORTY-TWO newly acquired books…
    A. almost passed out, especially when packing them to take back with us. My most prized find: Kamila Shamsie…i was thrilled to be introduced to her!
    Be sure to write a book review when you’re done…i love paki lit.

  4. Credit cards are much safer… bcos the onus of proving that the transaction was legal lies with the card company. Unlike a debit card, which can be overused and the money is already out.

  5. it’s a different, but much needed love i tell ya!
    yes i do that almost every week too here in toronto, especially since they’ve got these little boutique bookstores in downtown. it’s an addiction i tell ya, and they accept all forms of payment too..which books? my latest treasures are phaidon’s the art book and their smile in the mind..
    happy romancing!

  6. the book im currently romancing is this fab book called Kiss and Sell on advertising, written absolutely amazingly. im off fiction (although i have two books ready and waiting to read yay!)

    ink, i have smile in the mind (isnt it inspirational??) and you must get your hands on phaidon’s the art of looking sideways. that book is a lifelong experience methinks. 🙂 if only i could book such books like…everyday…id be SUCH a happy camper.

    sandeep. im happy with debit. with credit id keep thinking that one day i will have to pay instead of the money having gone out immediately. im a short term peeson thattway hehe.

    sara i would NEVER be able to buy 42 books. its like having 42 kids. id never be able to give any one my full attention and priority thinking that the others were feeling neglected. 🙂

  7. There was a ginormous sale at a local book store and I walked away with over 120 books!!

    These consisted of:
    *Tons and tons of Art books [including “The ART Book” ;)]
    *at least 8 new cookbooks
    *poetry collections
    *decorating books
    *some history books my hubs picked out
    *and lots more!

    I felt like we won the lottery!
    Now I want to go through all of them at once!

  8. okay jammie.

    i am convinced we are related. i feel the EXACT same way, and have been thinking about it since yesterday when i got my debit card statement which had frequent liberty book statements.

    and i dont believe in credit cards either.

    yay for new books 🙂

  9. Hey just to let you know that I’ve fixed my site for IE users now. It should be more legible. Finally got around to it. I know you used to have a problem with it many moons ago, so just to let you know, it’s mended. Lemme know if you have issues still.

  10. haha – i know, i wish people would’ve only given me a whole load of books as a wedding surely is inspirational..i have kiss and sell, u’ll really enjoy it methinks..also check out saatchi and saatchi’s website, if you haven’t already. they have some great ideas and also a link to the CEO’s book. i forget what it’s called, but it’s a must read if you’re into adverstising.

  11. Liberty with a coffee shop would really be a dream come true, they ahve it way everywhere in the world, y not here???

    BTW, I read few books which I’ll share:

    The Alchemist, best seller, so ahd to read it, good, simple n meaningful..

    Animal Medicine, by Bina Shah, cute n simple..

    Train to Pakistan, by Khushwant singh gives the Indian account of partition much similar to ours..

    thats it..
    nice blog, keep it up!!

  12. ink…am loving kiss and sell. its very nicely done 🙂
    will check out website. do fwd me names of any interesting books you might come across.

    karachite. read all three. dont like bina shah style too much and i enjoyed train to pakistan coz i had just watched jinnah then and was in the whole 1947 type mode 🙂
    any other recommendations?

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