so the last post had a title AND a small write-up …

so the last post had a title AND a small write-up which blogger ate up.
we had a cousins trip to the beach over the weekend.
in my dad’s side of the family, everyone big on together stuff. always have been. very vocal about family ties and all that. all of us cousins are a couple of years apart in age and while that used to be a BIG deal about 10 years ago, now we have all settled into a much more mellow age restriction rule; hence group outings are more chaotic, more fun. And with time, way more rare.
in the pics below, you see me and my sis with mo, the underground hero of the family.
beach outings, in their madness and fun, fire my imagination with the never ending possibilities of pic-taking. the situation was ripe too, with what the matching t-shirts (by mistake, i promise) and mo in black. Mo-trix ishtyle, you know.


5 thoughts on “so the last post had a title AND a small write-up …

  1. i believe a cousin of yours, asad, is a mutual friend. though even him, it turns out i know through various people. funny how desi’s never have more than two or three degrees of separation.

  2. jammie: have browsed that site already – they have some useful links. I guess i’m looking into investing into coffee table books like magazine editorial design, or idea books by phaidon, but i’d like some good recommendations of typography reference books. any suggesstions?

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