St. Valentines Day 1996.

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feb 14, 1996: hopeful hearts club in IVS, foundation year.

feb 14, 2006: give or take 6 husbands collectively, 4 or 5 odd children in total, a few marvellous careers, a couple of major life changing moves, a masters here or there, a design house, some heartbreak, lots of love, laughter and many years of wonderful, wonderful friends.

what’s not to celebrate?


7 thoughts on “St. Valentines Day 1996.

  1. OH MY GOD…! i am sooo nostalgic today… theyre playing khwab by junoon on 89 and then i just saw this pic ….i miss khi and my friends…:( sigh.

  2. cocaine…when being vague, all artistic licenses are available to you…and you CAN, technically give or atke a few husbands. this is 2006. womens lib and all that.

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