i hate the blogger ban- just when we thought we were finally getting somewhere.
what is this going to achieve? other than irritated people who will find alternate means of getting their word across.

and just when we thought we were actually moving ahead.


10 thoughts on “banned.

  1. i think the pakistani government tries to control whatever they can.. i guess this is one of those things.. crazy basturds!!

  2. Hey,
    It was great fun meeting up with you. Sorry about the kittens. She ate ’em all. Can you believe that???!! I’ll keep a lookout for others too.

  3. I dont understand why they dont try to stop all the other terrible yahoo chat rooms, and other websites that are obsurd…attacking blogger is rediculous.

    btw, I’m not sure if you got my message. Is it ok if I link your blog to my blog?

  4. That is pretty disturbing, specially with Mush being such a modern minded guy (or so we thought).

    “majesty’s” right, there is alot more disgusting, disturbing, filth circulating online that appears to be more detrimental to a person’s state of being!!!

    Perhaps those “in charge” DO NOT blog and DO frequent those “other” sites instead!

  5. i think it wont be an overkill to say that the people to have suffered the most after the whole Cartoon fiasco have been the people in Pakistan

  6. I personally think it’s a technical issue. The ban was probably ordered on the blog publishing the blasphemous cartoons but these guys at some ISPs (internet service providers) could not figure out on how to block certain blogs. So they took the easy way out and blocked the whole blogspot domain. This explains why blogspot is accessible from some ISPs while not from others.

  7. Great to hear this from you but what would you say about my ban at Khi Metblog. Did you protest against that. When you can not voice for others’ rights then you won’t ever get your own rights. First we should learn to give then we could expect to get. I would like to listen to your point of view regarding my ban. Please stop by my blog and let me know. Thanks. Happy Blogging

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