10 days of Catu in Our Lives

Surprisingly, even though we both have had cats before, Catu makes us sneeze and wheeze…so with heavy hearts we decided he should go to one of our friends. Life, however, seems to have other plans because 10 days later, allergies aside, he is still here. Firmly entrenched. In our house and hearts. And it looks like it might just stay that way. He’s a kook, crazy and demanding and SO SOO adorable that even k, whose eyes have been persistently watering (allergy-wise), can’t resist hugging and playing with him. This tiny tot has a way of making you smile, especially when he comes hopping towards the door as we walk in, rarin’ to show us how much we were missed during the day.


5 thoughts on “10 days of Catu in Our Lives

  1. Giving away something that has shown so much affection towards you can be very difficult. I went through the same thing sometime back, and stopped taking in pets…

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