Something About Saturdays

4 pm and the day seems warm and slow like treacle (i have always wanted to use this analogy- read it somewhere and stored it up). i spent the late morning at astra picking up groceries and ran into kookie and latest family addition having burgers there. k made it home in time for lunch so we had a nice lazy lunch with mummy- watching tv and chatting. sometimes routine represents the very best life has to offer. now as the afternoon melts into the evening, k is off to the gym and i will go walk a bit- and get ready for an evening to meet up with hussy and sam and the others. something about saturdays is so reassuring, letting you know that the world CAN slow down sufficiently on certain days to allow us to enjoy the little things we like doing so much at our own pace without needing to be anywhere immediately.


6 thoughts on “Something About Saturdays

  1. slow like treacle reminds me of a book i have always wanted to read because the title sounded so amazing- you could roll it around your tongue–could only imagine what happened in that book-
    fried green tomatoes at the whistlestop cafe-

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