build up.

The Karachi Carnage.
The birthday thoughts.
The random mish mash of life.
Piling work.
My design ideas.
Home stuff.

I can’t believe April is on its latter leg.
Didn’t this year *just* start?
It seems to me that once life sets moving in a particular momentum, to try to slow it down can only result in trouble. In effect, things keep getting piled ontop of one another. Things you want to do. Things you want to do something ABOUT. Things you want to think. And before you know it the lower layers start gathering dust and the upper layers start becoming lower layers as more stuff comes up. Conclusion: we will always be working on a backlog.


10 thoughts on “build up.

  1. ur so right… ive been thinkin of doin so much since such a long time but never end up doin it.. on the weekends i don end up movin my lazy ass… 🙂 why r weekends so short? 😦

  2. i have learned to stop taking new tasks if i feel overwhelmed by existing ones. that way i can get rid of the backlog and feel more satisfied.

    thanks for visiting my blog.

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  4. “..Conclusion: we will always be working on a backlog…”
    I am working on too many right now, that I dont’ know where I am. Belated many happy returns. Just saw Kay’s post… 🙂
    And BTW, this is “jnarin”. Hope you still remember me. Am not using blogger anymore..

  5. true that! but since backlog is inevitable – I say take a moment out, disconnect from the “real world” and spend a day or even a week indulging it whatever truly recharges you, because you need to have all the charge you can get to work the backlog, right!

  6. amen to that! atleast i know im not alone running behind, doing things that shud have been done long back 🙂

  7. Looking for US…. If you are like me it seems like there is never enough time in the day.. You get home late and leave early.. then the weekends thats another story by itself. My wife has found it easier to hire somebody if you we need help with build. She fond a great site for build at and wanted to share it with you.. Im glad to find help when I need it.. I hope you have great luck remodeling your home…

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