Being part of any kind of sisterhood requires sacr…

Being part of any kind of sisterhood requires sacrifices. You are bound by some social law thingy to be there especially at time when others would rather not be there. From time to time your commitment is tested to the core. During a four hour sojourn at clifton photostat waiting for kAy’s mini-thesis to get printed, to pass the time and effectively prevent myself from going insane, I wandered down to the stationery shop on the lower level to browse. (P.S: I love stationery shops especially ones stocked with a variety of pens) Anyhow, after spending a few minutes rummaging through pens and paper and examining a stapler or two, I chanced upon a 6 colour set of clay (plasticine in my childhood). Much to the amusement of the shop assistant, my much tired sister and my somewhat new husband, I kept myself constrcutively busy and them successfully enteratined with my rendition of “cute things to do with clay”, encouraging audience participation by modelling the creations.


11 thoughts on “Being part of any kind of sisterhood requires sacr…

  1. hah! i love the eggs! you’re so adorable…i’m drowning in exams right now (hence the tantrums!) πŸ™‚ but i’ll email you this week! LOVED the Gibran quote!


  2. πŸ˜€ that was really entertaining –
    i was s o utterly tired but posing and appreciating your art really kept me going-

  3. I love them cute slippers..Lovely..

    I used to make my wn bakery, with all sorts of pastries, cakes.. *sigh* memories..

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