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  1. rather – ‘some of the’ stuff. 🙂

    funny that survivor is selecting 16 finalists – aren’t all khiites survivors of some kind or the other? 😉

  2. True… but at least Karachi always has a breeze blowing… imagine suffering from ALL of the above, plus higher tempratures and NO “hawwa” whatsoever!!!

  3. even though our summer here is fantabulous; i miss my karachi summers…try john freida or the marc antony anti-frizz..they’ve worked for me in the past 🙂

  4. as a premataurely balding guy i cannot comment on stringy icky hair. i wud give anything to have even stringy icky hair – but the rest of the list is so totally true…

  5. im a winter persson cocoaine. id rather it be cooler than hotter ANY day!! spoken like a true karachiite eh?

    ink- i have pokeeeerrr straight fine hair- if i use antifrizz itll porlly slip off my head!

    need relief from the hotness. maybe a short rainshower or two?

  6. Aww come ‘on people..
    I too hate summers in khi but there are things to cherish too!

    Like an Ice cold Pakola on a 43 celcius afternoon.. 🙂

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