blogword for the day

When we were 8 and 9 respectively,
S and I promised to always sit next to each other in class.

When we were 11 and 12 and I moved away again,
A and I promised to write to each other every week.

When we were 14 and 15, and I moved back,
L and I promised we would always be best friends, even if we never met again.

When we are both 16 and life yawned out ahead of us,
another S and I promised to make it work.

When we were 18 and madly in love,
I and I promised to wait forever.

When we were 24 and 22 and so very grown up,
A and I promised to always love each other, no matter what.

When we were 28 and 26,
K and I promised to spend the rest of our lives together.

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost


13 thoughts on “blogword for the day

  1. :)when we are 30 and 29 we promise to always take out time to act immature-speak like dino-smother some banana bread, laugh hysterically or cry furiously over pedis and manis- make tea with everyday, and give out blogwords-

  2. your post made me look back at my own promises.The kind you make when you are sweet and innocent and think this is the”one” and that nothing but love matters.
    I smile now when I think how upset I would get when friends would tell me that the pain,hurt and disappointment of a failed relationship would pass as I thought i would never love again,never get over it.
    thankfully for my hubby ,I did !
    The best part of it is to sit around with old friends and be able to have a laugh and say “What was i thinking??!!

  3. sometimes i feel you write about me! its sooo funny how many of us go through the exact same feelings and emotions but word it differently. and sometimes we see someone else write something thats sooooo us! i’ve moved through many diff countries in my growing up years too.. and many promises made too. alhamdolillah im still in touch with MOST of my friends… some even as far as kindergarten!

  4. thas no fair!! i wanna play blogword too! *sniff* i know its just coz im not in khi anymore *double sniff with a pout*

  5. you write too well,seems as somthing being converted into words that was jus inside us….thoughts r more or less the same but wid different words n the essence of feelings in it:)

  6. funny-
    all my life,

    i always remember saying
    “we’ll see”
    “doesnt seem likely”
    “im sorry, but…”
    “it will never work”
    “you should move on”

    even though in a lot of cases, i wanted to say just the opposite.

    and im happy-
    i think.

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