my inspire-me word these days.

Sometimes there are days which just have certain words attached to it.
My word for this weekend is Superhero because these days, I feel like one.


8 thoughts on “my inspire-me word these days.

  1. do excuse me for it but the thought of you as a superhero brought a very pretty image of you dorned in a red skirt, a blue top with the Superman logo, a red cape fluttering in the wind and a tiara gracefully resting on your hair.

    now thats one superhero whom Id wish for in times of trouble!

  2. cocaine- i do hope you realize i wouldn pagiarize a logo- and being designer-ish would design my own- but yes the S would be there for sure- maybe hotpink and orange? blue and red is so…eighties 😉

  3. to whoever gets a kick of out of being anonymous- bugger off-
    if you cant say it with your name- and have a normal healthy conversation- then im not interested in your sneaky little biased retarded judgements on who we are and what our life is.

  4. sheza good girl :). everyones been really busy- im sure they will eventually post. kat has too by the way!

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