or something like it.

the longer i stare at the word “magic”, observing closely the combination of letters, the more weirdly magical it starts looking. kinda like life.


7 thoughts on “or something like it.

  1. how interesting!
    i am going through very a similar stage myself.
    its a word i cannot get enuf of nowadays. and the more i mull over it, the more it seems to play a role in my experiences.
    zsa zsa zsu was a similar experience 🙂 until “the hussy” stole it! :p
    you aren’t writing as much anymore…
    amna cherry

  2. amna cherry!! been a while. why aren’t YOU posting? 🙂 btw i got over-zsa zsa zsu-ed by hussy! heh.

    oilve ream- hehe. somehow it woks out. perspective that is.

  3. I knew someone who felt the same and sat and stared and stared at how weirdly magical life was as it passed him by.

  4. sorry for your friend zak- along with staring there has to be some living. but then i guess you didnt tell him so?

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