two + 1

Having been brought up by parents who strongly believed in individual personality development, the three of us have emerged from our cocoons to be very wilful, very opinionated and very decided women in our own right. We will (at times) listen to what the other has to say and (rarely) even decide they are right but more often than not, we know what we are talking about. Of course such absolutely formed personalities must and will clash, and over the years, World Wars have occurred with startling frequency in the Jam household. What has saved us, always, is the third person. Needless to say, we take turns being the third person. Clashes in opinions, feelings, decisions are always between two and then there’s the one. The one that does not have a side. It is an unsaid rule that has prevented many a tearshed over the years.

Having evolved happily in our own skins, whenever we desire sisterly evil, we nopw take to wishing upon each other children like oursleves, because each of us is proudly aware of the intimate qualities in us that most irritate the other two. We wield this knowledge like the most powerful of curses, cackling in mad laughter as we imagine one sister writhing in the pain (and joy) of having to deal with someone like one of the others for the rest of their life. Muahahaha.


7 thoughts on “two + 1

  1. muhahah-
    you stole my post- i was going to make one on the three of us as well…
    maybe i still will.
    and me having one like ures and one like kookies is the worst nightmare 😛

  2. Formidable, merveilleux, stupéfiant! Thank God I ran out of french otherwise I would have sounded even more pretentious.

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