8 thoughts on “yesterday.

  1. hey thanx for asking im doin well was just out of it, caught up n away to cuba as well…
    btw whats this blogword thing….i understand u guys decide on a blogword n then write bout it is that what it is?>

  2. Aha!..i was right!. You shall have to pay penance for this. Sing 2 ‘hello dolly’s and drink 3 bloody marys..and you shall be forgiven.

  3. just for the record the blog word gets decided the night before through a along and painful method of carefully perusing through the selection of suggestions- 😉

    and this post *as you can see* was made on monday 🙂 hee hee hee. not to worry i shall post on choices again, possibly on the other blog though.

  4. yea i posted mine on eesa’s too. even tho i suggested the word, i had a tough time being creative with it! let’s blame it on the ongoign exams and asgmts!

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