Pre-Vacation Reminders To Myself.

1. Leave all works worries behind physically- throw them out of the window if you must. You are not a bad person for abandoning work. You are merely a very exhausted person who needs this holiday to further go on with life sanely.

2. Don’t stress about what will happen while you are away. If they muck up an artwork, then so be it. It was meant to be mucked. You are not responsible and you have to let go at some point.

3. Be selfish. Make it about yourself. Lounge lazily and indulge inhibitedly. Be wild. Be someone else. Be the other you. Anything really that adds a skip to your step again.

4. Go for some serious retail therapy. Sometimes even looking at stuff you might like to buy is therapeutic. Stare at it deeply and longingly. Perhaps k will buy it for you anyways.

5. Absorb the greens with your eyes. Soak them in before you get back to dusty ol karachi. Eat them up visually so that you are stocked well till the next holiday.


11 thoughts on “Pre-Vacation Reminders To Myself.

  1. LOL @ Retail therapy – did have several therapeutic experiences?
    loved the pic with you on the cliff – its a seriosuly “rocking” picture.


  2. jammie – seems like you got the much needed R&R…how long did you go for?
    and have you been practising what you preach ? lol.

  3. i deeeedd have a fab vacation- allah ka shukar-

    MKA- this was a place called the sigiriya rock which was about 1300 steps to the top- we are prolly on the 1000th here- gorgeous rock formations.

    ink went for 10 days- and have been SO FAR practticing what i preach 🙂

  4. I visted srilanka two years ago , before Tsunami that destroyed the wonderful resort I stayed at. Triton I think , I feel really sad whenever I think about this beautiful place that is no more the same and yeah very curious to see what its like. Ohhh and the hotel tea factory up in kandalama? thats soo cute. I miss lanka!

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