I don’t believe people who say they are too busy-
I don’t believe I understand people who say they have no time-
I don’t even believe people who say they try hard-
If you truly truly want to do something…anything,
Not even fire-eating dragons will stand in your way.


14 thoughts on “blogwordoftheday

  1. lol..thnx for dropping by! i mentioned that abt pakistani women saying they have no time in my blog.. much to urs and insi’s chagrin!:P) !! see! deep down even u agree! come on, admit it!

  2. ok i wrote out a reply but it became too long, let’s leave it for when insi u and i meet next. i just sent u an add invite on msn so three of us could conf chat later on or just email it out.

    maybe im still living in a pakistan from 6 yrs ago. but i find the state of women in pakistan pretty sorry. and im not just talking abt women in defense or clifton here… im talking in the overall picture. i hardly blame the women though, its much on their lifestyle as well. i think joint family system is a major culprit behind curtailing the potentials of women.

    my msg is becoming long again. here’s a talk for another time, another day. but it’s interesting to know that what i strongly believe in, is not true and is being challenged by two women living IN pakistan!

  3. I believe you…although rather than the dragon, garlic eating beaurocrats are a much bigger hindrance. 🙂

  4. hehe- shez im not discussin that anymore-

    overamile- thats YOUR domain- mine is fire eating dragons :)’

    hahah ok anonymous- ill wait and see then- although some people told me the same about marriage-

  5. Shezalldat said…
    “unlike paki women, i dont see a reason to bend over backwards to please men. if u call it arrogance and stubborness, so be it. i dont see a reason to respect a nation that doesnt even let others express their feelings much less respect its own values.”

    i think she needs serious help

  6. Shezalldat said… “if my grandparents didnt live in pak, id probably rip apart and burn up the green passport.”


  7. okay try to become an international student in USA and ask your family not to support you..then probably you will begin to belive

  8. sorrry im about to delete a comment-but no personal comments on personal choices please on ym blog-no matter how justified you feel you are- thanks!

  9. you can WANT to do things really badly, but sometimes you have obligations that don’t let you. close relatives with fatal diseases, for example.

  10. of course anonymous- i didnt say you get to do everything you want all the time- life is hardly that simple- 🙂 i think eventually you have to pick and choose- about what you want do do most and what you have to do most- lines blur sometimes-

  11. well, i was just pointing out that the fire-eating dragons of “what you have to do most” *will* stand in your way sometimes.

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