despite it all-
the light going
the roads going
the traffic going

despite it all
going to the dogs,
i love
in the


4 thoughts on “blogwordoftheday

  1. Feeling is mutual…..

    Karachiites are not used to the rains, when it comes they dont know how to react to it. I found people sitting on the road sides waiting for cars to splash water at them…After all the mess up the city is in, i still find the rain to be as beautiful as a bright sunny day. As put it beautufully by someone… “i love walking in the rain because no one knows i am crying”

  2. ditto ditto ditto!!!
    i have a fairly similar post!
    i love rain…absolutley love it!!!
    i have big windows at work which im plastered against, staring outside when it rains…

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