warm summer rain has such memories for me-
playing on daddo dadas 35/s walee chatt with naj and binny-
in the afternoons when the grown-ups slept-
trying not to jump too hard lest they hear us-
it was always august of course- holidays- time off-
splashing in the dips on the roof where the water would fill up-
doing our “mausam mastana” steps- childhood fun

going downstairs chilled to the warmth of the lounge
the grown-ups having tea and pakoras-
watching the rain through the huge window
watching the brown turn green and then brown again
freshly washed hair after playing in the rain-

rain always has such particular songs attached to it-
songs that change as i have changed-
all come flooding back to me-
rain makes me happysad.


3 thoughts on “blogwordofthedayagain

  1. Hello…I have been reading your other blog quite regularly “the walk of wife”…however I don’t have a blogger id…so thought I will comment here…see…I have read that mashallah you have a perfect marriage…your completely in love …and you had a really great wedding…. I am actually at this stage of my life where everyone is trying to set me up because I haven’t found anyone on my own…so my question is…is it foolish to think that there is that ‘ he’s the one’ kinda guy out there for every girl…I mean I am asking this…because when I am being set up…I just freak out and think that he’s not for me…maybe they are just perfect for me after all and I just don’t see it…so how does someone know that…this is it! he/she is the one…?? I thought I will ask because you seem to talk about relationships and what not & your in a perfect relationship too…anyways don’t freak out if this is way too long a comment here…hope to hear from you…see ya.

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