Tag- I ‘m it. God I miss that game.

I am thinking about the blogger meetup today.
I want to finish all the little projects I have started for myself soon.
I wish I could take a holiday to Europe with my friends RIGHT NOW.
I miss being at home at sehri times during ramzan.
I hear people crib and bitch and moan and complain all the time.
I wonder why – I mean isn’t anything in their life worth it?
I regret some things I have said. Only some, mind you.
I am a believer. Die-hard type.
I dance in the room mostly when k’s at the gym. And sometimes even when he is there 🙂
I sing out loud while driving.
I cry less than I sob. Know what I mean?
I am not answering this one. Sorry, couldn’t really think of anything here.
I write pretty much all the time in my head and sometimes on paper.
I confuse people sometimes. On purpose.
I need chocolate everyday. I’m serious. I NEED it.
I should try to be more accepting/tolerant/calmer.
I finish everything on my plate. Good girl that I am. 🙂

saba tagged me into answering all these difficult questions about me.
I tag mars, moizza, meyum.


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