changing the world is only a blog away.

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whether it’s talking about the latest developments in the world,
or simply discussing a friend who we want to get married off (‘coz he’s really VERY nice)
or dreaming about european trips that should one day be taken,
or putting together ideas for blog conventions and wedensday words,
when 10 bloggers meet for breakfast and coffee on a saturday morning,
it’s always a sign of good things ahead.


20 thoughts on “changing the world is only a blog away.

  1. thank u jamster! ure a savior! id been begging everyone for updates!!

    p.s. who’s who in the last piccy? the new faces, i mean!

  2. hehe sam- i think i have one- i havent had a chance to sort through them all- ill be mailing out the rest seprately πŸ™‚ by tonight hopefully πŸ™‚

  3. Is that Ramla Akhtar sitting next to you?

    Its kind of funny that I can name almost everyone in these photos (except for one) and I have never actually met them in real life πŸ™‚

  4. this picture looks like a clear case of 2 parties/tribes: 4 on the left and 5 on the right. and khizzy holding on to me and meyum- wah! :p

    and m and i are the centre of attention! yay!

    choti choti khushiyaan indeed! πŸ™‚

    p.s. faraz- yup, that is ramla with jammie. πŸ™‚ and the one you cant name is most prolly moizza. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh finally Faraz! You have seen me on a blog! And I was about to request Jammie to take my picture off (just as a whacky rule: no pics on the Net)… anyway, good to see you alive. And yes, I met most girls for the first time, but recognized them from their blog pix.

    And Jammie, now I see what I missed before I popped up. I am glad I was there at all!

    Now you bell the cat: another blogger meet-up with all those ideas in action! It would be educative to learn more about the blogging world as a whole and where Pakistani/KHI bloggers are on the map, and where we can go.

  6. @jaded…..just being a blogger (or even a good one) doesn’t necessarily warrant an invite to these meetups. You have to be a part of this ‘exclusive clique’ through a criteria that only the group leaders who admit people into the sorority determine or can fathom. Having gone to Indus doesnt hurt for starters, nor does sucking up or being the most adept at putting down anything desi. And oh yes, being an intellectual snob warrants guaranteed admission.

  7. hey guys- it was fun- next time we will plan it such that we have some guest blogger also visiting or able to visit πŸ™‚ since all our out of towners missed. (and maybe we can make an exception and call the male bloggers too also hahah)

    rayhaana- breaking my own rule about not replying to snotty comments-
    only half of us know each other from before and mostly by choice- the other half are people, yes INTELLIGENT people who have something constructive to say and have been reading each others blogs for a long time now (VERY SPECIAL clique)- we are all people who have found we have common interests and are definitely not going to apologize to someone like you for having gone to indus or for enjoying discussions on books or meeting up for coffee.

  8. and i thought i was as desi as they came, what with being related to sohail warraich!
    Rayhaana darlin’ leave a url next time. Bitching without leaving a trail … nawt nice!

  9. @ Jammie: Let it be jammie although I appreciate the reply but you can’t do anything about people who go off tangent because they think you should be sorry about what you have..

    @ Rayhaana: Much as I appreciate your bringing me to the ground kind of reality, maybe you should know that I did get an e-mail inviting me to the blogger meet up and I don’t know any of these ladies personally yet nor do I fit the Indus school wala criteria… Should have got your facts straight lady before shooting off your keyboard!!! Sour grapes, maybe…?

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