a miracle on 26th

once upon a time
there was a little dream.
all its life it had only one wish-

to grow up to become reality.
the other little dreams made fun of him-
asking him why he didn’t want
to become a big dream
and be inspirational instead of
becoming something as harsh as reality.
The little dream didn’t care-

he was fascinated by the idea
of becoming reality one day
and he made up his mind to work extra hard.
as time went by, the little dream grew up,
learning the ways of reality.
He realized that to become reality,
and especially a reality that one liked being,
one must first be a big dream
because only people with big dreams can be real
in the truest sense of the word.

And that is how the dream
become a reality.

~happy birthday mano~loveyoujamillions~


12 thoughts on “a miracle on 26th

  1. roaming the blogworld is constructive waste of time when you can come across INSPIRATIONAL blogs such as this…

    thanks for the inspiration…TODAY…

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