onwards henceforth

In the recent weeks i have heard three very unusual observations about me- that I can be “almost aggressively optimistic”, “too much of a horizontal thinker” and “have too strong a homing instinct”.

After days of careful consideration, I have decided to simply accept them as high-end compliments and stop thinking about it.


6 thoughts on “onwards henceforth

  1. sara i think the most you can do is TRY because honestly speaking there are far too many people out thrre talking utter nonsense in places its not their business to be in. 🙂 try away!!!

  2. too much optimism leads you to believe you are living in a utopian world…this may make you feel all positive but…dont let it make you wander away from reality…

  3. i think none of these “obervations” should taken in a negative way. being aggressively optimistic is a good thing, in my opinion. I am also like that (I think). It makes you try out new things. You end up being more experienced. Horizontal thinking might be the result of this optimism. I think everyone who is into creative arts is a horizontal thinker. And finally, having a homing instinct might be bad if you travel a lot, but in the end you realize the importance of home. Isn’t that why you love karachi, despite all its shortcomings?

    Just my two cents.

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