waiting for…god-knows.


The funny thing with the way I work is that I wait till the very end. Not necessarily for inspiration to strike but for the off (and sometimes not-so-off) chance that something better, something more processed will hit me other than the initial brainwave. I don’t know if I speak for all “creatives”, for the lack of a better word to use here, but usually when we get a project/something to design, the wheels in our head tend to start turning immediately. After that, everything is process, even if one is not actively working on the actual project itself. Anything can be an inspiration. Anything can suddenly click into the idea and take shape. The world, people you know, daily routines, what you see, suddenly becomes this kaleidoscope of whirling matter- colours, shapes, concepts, and something somewhere jumps out at you and you know that this is it. Only waiting makes it so.


6 thoughts on “waiting for…god-knows.

  1. i haven’t been writing for a while now but the processed-process applies to me too. some of my best articles/features are the ones i wrote at the eleventh hour!

    and even though- the wait is worth it, i cant wait for the website to launch! i have fallen in love with maria’s, and i am sure i’ll soon be addicted to your’s too! and then of course- there is kAy’s blogspot! 🙂 Godspeed!

  2. hey hey!
    welcome to this side!

    btw…many project managers and planners…..no matter what their dept….have amazing last minute brainwaves and everything falls into place just before lift off….

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