the many many me’s i know


We all have multiple me’s. Ones that we listen to at one time, another at another and yet another at yet another. It’s marvellously convenient because mostly it suits our purpose. Justifies our irrationalities and feeds our own sense of being on control of what we are doing. But sometimes in life many things start happening together so fast that the voices of all the me’s start rising and suddenly, the actual physical me gets confused because I can’t make out which me I should be listening to because in their own endearing little ways, they are all watching out for me, with different takes on the same situation, scarily making clear how many paths there are for us to take, at all given times in life.


2 thoughts on “the many many me’s i know

  1. this post covers egg-jactly what i’m going through today… my physical system is on standby waiting for one me to either drown all the other out or exhaust them into shutting up 😀

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