short exchanges of the intolerant kind.

Friend who moved abroad in 1995: Yaar- you ok? I saw on the news what happened in Karachi. God, Sara. How do you live a normal life there anymore? I don’t think I’ll come in the summer. It’s too risky.

Me: Haan don’t come. It *is* too risky- I might  kill you.


12 thoughts on “short exchanges of the intolerant kind.

  1. haha you know, sometimes i feel like things are way crazier in karachi than they actually are – just because of media sensatinalism. every now and then, i catch myself actually falling for it…the other day in class my prof. asked me if it was safe for me to move back to Karachi…it’s just the way the situation is portrayed via media.

  2. yeah i agree with above comment. media has a lot to do with how ppl precieve events, and then generalize. ever since the ‘war on terror’ happened, whenever i’d be travelling to pak.. a lot of my friends (who have no clue abt south-east asia) would be horror struck and wonder why i’m going to a war zone… ‘why? is it safe? where will u stay?..’ and so on. DUH. and then i’d have to explain to them the geography of it all.
    as for now, i’m still coming to khi this summer 🙂

    do you suppose your friend will be reading this post?

  3. oh no, that’s exactly the comment i left you on facebook!! 😛 in my defense, I’ve never lived in pakistan so yes, 30 ppl dying in one day b/c the city was strategically shut down by the PRESIDENT is enough to make me wary! i know you still love me!

  4. agreed, the media worsens things- but really- why do people make silly comments like that? its like they live in a bubble. yes things were/are bad- and inshallah we will get through them. look around you bahaee- the world isnt exactly sprouting roses all over either!

    sara- hehe with you i understand- you havent ever lived here- i know where you are coming from- this friend lived here till she was 22- 🙂

  5. ive been watching on the news about karachi. i know things are not even half as bad as they show on tv. inshallah you will all pull through, and this country will survive this too.
    God Bless.

  6. if that’s not bad enough, i know people who don’t want to go back because it is too hot and there is no ‘central’ air conditioning.

    on a somewhat related note:
    the rain here doesn’t smell like our baarish. it quite possibly has no smell at all.

  7. if something is to happen, i believe it will happen in the so called safe sanitised streets of the west as in the colourful vibrant living streets of karachi/srinagar/lahore/delhi etc.

    you can’t escape fate and to live a life in fear of what might never be, is well, putting the chance of a fulfilled life at risk 🙂

  8. lol..excellent reply..Its easier to believe what the media keeps churning out then remember that while there may be an apparently higher risk, unfortunate outbursts of violence can erupt anywhere and at anytime..

  9. in amreeka u dont even know if ur child is gonna make it thru the day at school or get shot dead. but that’s generalizing. and we dont like that either. 🙂

  10. got here via Mona. I understand how annoying it must be. I have friends who thikn its dangerous to live in Delhi. there are millions of us living here and surviving it quite happily. why are ppl so foolish?

  11. I wanted to laugh at this…but what you vented is just so subtle…I am an Indian. I too come across n number desi balloons who flew abroad have sold their souls.

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