me and karachi on the outs (grammatically wrong but emotionally correct)

These days Karachi and I are on a disconnect. I am upset at her for the May 12 happenings. And the complete civic collapse following the rain. The electricty situation which progressed from dealable two hour loadshedding to mad 12 hour power breakdowns. I’m superbly royally pissed at the city because she is making it difficult for me to defend her to the people sitting cushily abroad tut tutting about the “state of affairs”. It makes me mad to not be able to defend her because at this point, the spirit which I go on and on about her having is skimming a persistent low.

I am waiting for her to make it up to me somehow. I don’t know what will work though. Maybe a day of particularly great weather. Maybe some random civic sense act by some random person on the street. Maybe a week or two of no electricity issues. Maybe some GOOD rain. I plan to stay upset for a while thought because only when you truly love something deeply, can it disappoint you to this extent.


4 thoughts on “me and karachi on the outs (grammatically wrong but emotionally correct)

  1. khizzy i’m not sure if it’s got to do with being on ‘the right side of the bridge’. i think it’s just luck.
    most people i know who’ve been through similiar ordeal were on the right side.

    i’m just wondering if there will ever be an end to all of this.

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