meeting for coffee

Usually around Thursday, my phone beeps and Sh wants to know if we want to meet up for coffee over the weekend. That coffee plan could materialize into a game night, a dinner a one dish, a movie night or just a hang out but it must always start as a coffee plan- the most controllable of all meet ups. Short enough to be fun. Long enough if you want to let it be.

In Karachi, “meeting for coffee” has become synonymous with “let’s do something that involves sitting on deep couches, talking, listening and people watching”. It is hard to pinpoint when exactly this cafe-coffee revolution took place. Was it the pioneering Deja Vu with its amazing-for-then iced cinnamon roll and baskets of nachos which lured the groups of college goers to come and “just chill”? Or was it the hip and happening karaoke hothouse Cafe Blue that gave rise to the idea that people need to meet in surroundings more relaxed than actual restaurants? Then along came Cafe Mtv nee Kaldi with its in house concerts and private lounge upstairs, adding to the concept of renting a space to hang out- right before the tidal wave of coffee houses starting with the ever popular Espresso, followed by the Ciao’s, Lattetudes, Costas and Coffee Days.

It really depends on what you mean when you want to “meet for coffee”- whether it’s sinful desserts, actual coffee, smokeful (or smoke-free) environment,  music that transports you, or maybe, simply the good company of close friends.


6 thoughts on “meeting for coffee

  1. true. however, now i do feel a little uncomfortable going to some of the ‘usual’ coffee places like the espressos’ etc. for the simple reason that the whole six degrees of separation phenomenon is put into action here. while you might have gone out to “just chill”, you end up meeting friends, acquaintance and so on and so forth. – making your personal time with friends a bit too public.

    p.s. have you visited the second floor [t2f] as yet? lovely place! 🙂

  2. oh def its not a thing to do if you want “personal” time in that sense- but sometimes you want that kind of random social encounter while with actual friends…

  3. imagine reducing that to a quarter and you get the isloo scene both in terms of places and people, especially the ‘wrong ones’ :p

  4. i love the possibilities and freedom that ‘meeting for coffee’ entails.
    all the mommy-bloggers should meet for coffee soon, wouldn’t that be great?

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