puff puff

Anyone who knows me well and especially knew me well during the 90’s will tell you I drove them nuts trying to make them quit somking.

Age has not mellowed my stance. I still feel as strongly and when, about a year back, a tiny article in the newspaper laid down a law against smoking in public places, I did a small jig of joy. Until that evening at some coffee place or the other, when my friends laughed at my naivete in believing that people will actually even accept that law as a law much less obey it.

Most of the smokers I have seen are inconsiderate and thoughtless, imagining the world to be a vast ashtray in which to constantly drop ash and puff away in other people’s faces. Don’t talk to me about the right to smoke (the free world and blah blah), because I will talk back about my right to not want to passive smoke (free world and blah blah). Very simple rules can govern smoker behaviour. (if you have to kill yourself atleast do so politely). When you see a pregnant woman or a baby sitting at a table nearby, put it out. When it’s a closed car with the airconditioning on, put it out. When it’s someones bedroom, put it out. If someone requests you to because they cannot stand the smell, put it out. When you blow smoke, make sure it’s in a general direction of nothing rather than someone else’s face. After all, if, as 90% of the smokers say, it’s a habit they can kick whenever they want to, it shouldn’t kill you to delay the smoke till you are in your happy toxic smoker zone again.


11 thoughts on “puff puff

  1. i agree with you 100%.
    seriously, what pisses me off more than anything is when someone ligths up in a closed air-conditioned space. i mean the least a person can do is ask whether it’s ok or not. they think that ‘oh i’m smoking it’s my life, so what.’ i just find most smokers so so rude.
    there was a time when i had completely stopped goign to shoppoing malls or public places, coz i couldnt stand it anymore.
    but now thank god, last month a law was passed (in dubai) that smoking is all public places has been banned. it’s been great ever since 🙂

  2. yes well such a law apparently exists here too. but we need enforcers na. i sometimes think id love to be able to go upto someone and actuially fine them for smoking in public.

  3. you know, i absoultely agree.they introduced a similar law in houston where people could smoke in outdoor cafes, but not inside resturants, etc. i didn’t realize how i had gotten used to eating without anyone puffing smoke in my face till i moved back to khi. coffee shops, i can understand a tad bit. but its realllly annoying otherwise.

  4. as someone who recently quit for good, it’s amazing how pungent the smell is as soon as you quit.

    just sent you a novel of an update via fb! (and waiting to hear the news from saira & usman…can you believe they actually patiently waited to find out the sex? nerve wrecking!! 🙂


  5. remember this public service message that ran on tv around the 90s… where a man lights up a smoke in front of his kid and as soon as he leaves the room, the kiddo rolls up a paper and lights it too? basically following dad’s footstep and assuming that what daddy does is always right!

    i fail to come to a conclusion about such people. does one tell them that they should have given up bad habits before having a baby? that they should realize that they’re setting a bad example for their one next generation. i feel that unless this ‘sick’ set of parents don’t take a stand, nothing can really happen as far as a bigger picture is concerned!

  6. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but if this is the case then a law should be passed against desi cooking. While cooking it smells revolting and the food will kill you faster than a lifelong smoking habit. I DO believe in the right to smoke, the right to drink, the right to do as you please as long as you’re not being a nuisance or an outright jackass (and THAT definition is subjective). While we’re on the subject of public nuisances, how about the twittering (think crows, not cuckoos) females discussing everything from their periods to their mothers-in-law facial hair in coffee shops? And how about those Gucci toting young mums with their grammar school kids running amok in said coffee shops. There’s a lot to be corrected in the society we live in. Taking away one’s right to smoke is the least of them.

  7. i completely agree about desi cooking also. if everyone has these rights, then well, i have the right to exist in a smoke free environment- or atleast a consciously responsible smoking environment or smelling environment. i dont think telling people they CANNOT dso something is the answer- i think the answer lies in how we do it without annoying people around us.

  8. i agree everyone has a right to do as they please, as long as others dont have to suffer.
    but i believe smoking is a universal problem, not a society related issue. i mean if england.. and of all countries france(!) can ban it in public places (which took effect this summer), then i dont see what’s the excuse for others.

    personally for me, smoking causes major eye irritation and makes my skin all itchy. plus i cannot stand the stence coming from my clothes and hair after passing through all that smoke.
    it’s only when the person quits smoking, that they finally see it from the other side!

  9. I agree, smokers should be sent to their own planet, so the rest of us can breath clear! My biggest peev is to sit down at a meal and see someone near by lighting up!!! AAAAGGGHHHHHH!! YUCK!

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