A simple request.


Take a photograph like this, of angry men, in any country, any city, any area of the world and yes, the caption will fit. Very few countries remain not torn and  shredded by varying its political climate at some point or the other in world history. My request to the world at large is to back off with the name-calling and try and let us go through this without needing to point fingers, slap labels and constantly mete out advice which isn’t pertinent to our culture, our way of thinking or our current situation. 


7 thoughts on “A simple request.

  1. There was another similar story in the National Geographic few months ago.

    Speaking from experience, most Americans are oblivious to anything taking place outside of US. Makes you wonder about the shift of interest towards Pakistan by these magazines.

    What I was shocked to see in the National Geographic story was a photograph of a protest held by lawyers where they were all dressed up in black suits and were throwing stones while holding long sticks in their hands

    Now, my grandfather was a lawyer, my father is a lawyer and having spent most of my childhood with lawyers I have never seen lawyers act like a group of unsophisticated, uneducated, street thugs.

    Where is all this frustration and hatred coming from? I thought Pakistan was on its way to economic stability and things were good.

  2. i posted about this a while back.
    the sad part is that instead of commentors commenting on the picture or its context…
    i started getting attacked for being an elitist educated minority who knew jack about the country’s plight and more or less telling me that i had no right to feel this way.

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