will the real politicians please stand up?

So BB is dead- God give her peace though she never really gave her country any- so where are the people who belioeved in her struggle for democracy? Why are they not standing up and asking her party workers to help mainatin sense?  Whya re they not strongly denouncing the barbarism that is rampant in the name of her death? Is this what one wants a “great leader” to be remembered by? The mayhem that he passing away caused? The burning of cities? The looting? The smashing of cars? The harassment of ordinary people trying to lives their lives? Why is no one getting up taking a stand against this rubbishy violence? Where are her followers who touted the much heard words of less poverty and more employment?

We are sick of politicians who are here because they had their own to get back from the country regarding their fathers or who have vested interst in lands and deals across borders. We have had enough of those who shout and scream at the masses because that is the only way they know how to empassion a crowd. Can we have some sincerity? Some reality? Some truth? Can we please have someone who actually cares about this country stand up for once? Take charge? Arrest a few. Punish a few. Do what needs to be done. Clean up. Teach people some real stuff. Can we have some good old fashioned actual politics which is dynamic and powerful and brings about true change in the quality of life?


3 thoughts on “will the real politicians please stand up?

  1. i was just thinking.. if since the beginning, education had been implemented at a grass root level, the common man’s reactions would have been so different.
    it makes a lot of difference.
    for the past 20 yrs, its been the same politicians same faces trying to rule the country. pakistan needs some dramatic change now. this has been the worst year ever.
    and now you a 19 yr old heading the political party. poor soul has no idea what’s in store for him. i hope he turns out to be wise. but then again, he’ll be systematically brainwashed by his father so it’s going to be deja-vu all over again.

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