I miss teaching.


4 thoughts on “10.01.2008

  1. I wonder if this will be me in a couple of weeks…*sigh* am thinking career change! nothing as rewarding as knowing one out of forty learned something from you but so depleting when you don’t even get back half of the effort you are putting in…!

  2. I know what you mean. I miss it a lot too. But then there is so much to be taught at home. We just have to channel our energy in the right direction!

  3. at times I feel like Im walking through a very surreal eipsode of ” the twilight zone’ when I go through your blog…Ive been going through your archive and find bits of me in your text…I had been cautioned that all of us become our mothers at some stage but I never knew that there was something in the water that made 30 something old women of Pakistani descent wearing glasses to emulate each other’s life choices. Like I swallowed the bit about a smiliar 2 year gap with my partner, conflicted relationship with grand fathers,and psycho cats but the same middle of the road pic in Peradinya’s Botanical Gardens (!!) At times I feel I leave traces of myself in a trail and you step in and into them to make them whole.

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