voting woes.

me: Should I vote tomorrow?

k: No. What is the point? Not like there is a great promise of change being made either way.

me: I don’t know. Atleast I will have earned the right to whine and complain about the country then. If i don’t do anything, then technically it means I didn’t even try to initiate “change” on any level.

k: Guilt-free cribbing! Point.  So you’re voting for sure then?

me (pause) : I don’t know…

It’s a few minutes after midnight and tomorrow morning I either cast my vote and earn the right to say all sorts of things about Pakistan or I don’t vote, giving into the easy cynical belief that nothing will change so why bother. Part of me is still of the belief that a single vote counts- despite everyone around me scoffing at the idea. And the other part of me is giving into the thinking that this bullying form of elections should not be supported. Does the ordinary individual count on any level, I wonder, in what happens tomorrow?


4 thoughts on “voting woes.

  1. this is all very Life of the Pi isnt it towards the end …which story should we believe..should we be “pragmatic” or dream the improbable..keep the promise Jammie!! hope springs eternal..

  2. Good to see that you voted. There’s always hope… we have to beleive and do our part, whether it’s voting, or throwing your trash away properly… every person counts!

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