Feb18, 2008: 9am



5 thoughts on “Feb18, 2008: 9am

  1. Mubarak (and thanks) Jammie!!! i love happy endings and its great to know that you have “kept the dream” for your kid, so circa 2022 you can lecture him with a clear conscience re: the importance of our vote…I promise this is the last corny comment out of me this year.

  2. oh lets not even start on the x-files and the prime “genetic waste material” there…when it comes to taking a vow of (intellectual) celibacy they are the grand master of it (what would be the grand master of celibacy? the Pope?)

  3. omg, this is awful. i had no clue this meant you’d voted. i was going to ask, how’d you hurt your thumb.
    *smacks self on forehead*

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