my sacred life- day one.


With design and teaching riding in the backseat of life these days, to stay creative is become Suddenly Important. So which is why this March Project was kinda appealing to me. Also with design and teaching riding in the backseat of life (oh have I mentioned this before?), I finally have the mental space to do the  stuff I have always planned for my physical space.


16 thoughts on “my sacred life- day one.

  1. sounds fun… my mind just started racing when i read the initial thought behind (from the link). it kind of reminds me of the ‘blog word of the week’ u all did earlier. used to look forward to that!
    my sacred life is quite inspiring. i think i might start too. havent really been creative since the last 4 years 😦 mind has gone numb.

  2. oooooh!! I want in as well… but I’ve kept the mommy blog so sacred. AND I don’t have another one either! Ok, I might set up another photo blog just so I can do this too!

  3. ahhaha ok hina i see you’re excited.
    but yeah do join in- and i think we are talking “other than kid sacred” 😉

    cheeky by all means join in- once we have a list of people going maybe we can put up a separate blogroll with names since this is an already existing intl project.

  4. ok count me in.
    i just need to remember my previous wordpress password :S
    or i might create a new one. i’ll put something up by tomorrow.

  5. Can I join…or I am just a “gate crasher”…this brings back memories of the school ground and whether one could join in the skipping rope, monkey bars thing or wait till you had a friend circle of one’s own…traumatic flash backs…sorry, let me chew on my hair in the corner…umm and on the off chance I do join can I still be a part even though Im on blogspot? I had a wordpress account once but always had a problem loading pics.

  6. hey jammie, i am thinking maybe we should put up a sidebar then with all the sacred life blogs? also have the icon for it but dont know how to put it into the code- if anyone does that would help.

  7. Actually, that would be a nice idea marium. I also want to do this, the issue is blogspot wont let me in and i dont like wordpress…..the only other option i that I post these as notes on the facebook, but i am thinking i i want to do this!

  8. oh gosh guys! this is amazing… great initiative mariam! i wanna be in on this too! oh great pic by the way jammie.. i love the way that plant sits.

  9. and yes, i agree with the wordings in the post too. i’ve recently cleared out my mental space and its amazing how wonderful it has been for those physically around me – house and family!

  10. This is so much fun!!

    umm well.. except I’m currently too broke to own a camera I’d rather buy that rug for the bare living room or the wicker basket and plant to sit in the corner..or is it that I have bedroom furniture higher up on priority – the floor mattress has killed my back!

    ..its amazing how starting life from scratch – all over again makes you be grateful for the littlest of things you’d always taken for granted and had to leave behind in the “pursuit of happyness”
    oh well thats the story of my sarced life pictures can wait!

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