my sacred life- day two


The idea of having reading material you can choose to go through at your own time and space is such a giddy anticipatory feeling. Makes me look forward to going home, putting everyone to sleep and then sitting up in bed, turning pages and eating cookies. Unlike books, which set their own tone and pace, magazines are so pressure-free and undemanding. As you can see, I had a great time stocking up on reading at the Sunday Bazaar this time. (picture: current favourite magazine)


7 thoughts on “my sacred life- day two

  1. who in their right mind would “sell” their O mags…its like sadqa jaariya..each one give one..or at least let it free in the wilderness of your family so it gives others in your gene pool some happiness…though my partner grits his teeth and mutters phir sey you will have to pay extra for your baggage I pack up all my O’s and pass it on to my mum who gives it to my sister who gives it to my khala who passes it on to another khala in Karachi and then the mumani…wouldnt it be funny if at the end of it they might be selling it in Karachi’s Sunday Bazaar (ingrates they) and you bought them??? do any of your mags have Aussie stickers 🙂

  2. i’ve never read O. am i missing out on something? although i love the show.
    i like Glamour, Cosmo, Vanity Fair.. most of the stuff in it is trash. but i love their oh so glossy ads 🙂 even manage to copify some of their clothes designs, oops.

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