my sacred life- day three


I remain a true idealistic believer in the fact that if surrounded by affirmations of the more beautiful things in life, people, on some level stay calmer, happier, deeper. So thank you to whoever thought of placing these flower baskets along the road leading to Bilawal Chowrangi. We needed them.


5 thoughts on “my sacred life- day three

  1. Yes…i love beauty in unexpected places (cliched though the phrase may sound)..I love the fact that an esthetic soul is alive and kicking in Karachi. I know its too soon to tell but did my advice re: the hyper cat work?

  2. i was thinking of becoming part of the sacred-club and i thought of taking a picture of these flower baskets as my first entry- i’ve never felt this happy and inspired in a while, its the most gorgeous site ever! 🙂

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