my sacred life- day nine


I remember a perfect french pedicure a few months back. The right shade of pink. Water pink. The kind that makes nails look pink and fresh and sparkling. then it disappeared from the salon, that perfect pink. Yesterday I found it by chance. Am so happy.


7 thoughts on “my sacred life- day nine

  1. sigh thats only because of the wobbly white part- but when i get it done form neelos ill take this colour along with me- THEN ill show it off!!

  2. oh you are so lucky you can carry off that color .. actually to carry off mani/pedis. I look like Moeen Akhtar in drag everytime I try anything and would have chipped a nail by the time I leave the salon.

  3. i just got the perfect manicure. but I have this horrible habit of peeling away my nail color – i do it without realizing. so my manicure lasted all of 4 days. go figure!

    btw, the ponds institute does a greaat job with manicures.

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