my sacred life- day 25


What good is a calendar page if it’s not filled with birthdays, milestones, coffee plans, accomplishments, meetings, random bits of trivia, comments and illustrations?


9 thoughts on “my sacred life- day 25

  1. your march looks yummilicious….! when wordpress was friendlier, i had photographed my calender booklet as a sacred life item….
    I miss being a part of this….at times i think i should continue wih this on facebook, but at other times i think maybe it would be too out loud?

  2. adorable!! I love how colorful your pictures always are…i’m consulting you next time i go to buy a camera! Btw, I thought Nadir was a May-baby??

  3. @ jammie’s ..even if its not, whats the harm in making it look so?

    don’t we all glorify our “sacred” lives to higher degrees of sacredness.. feels great yeah!?!

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