the slumbering designer in me?

Today in the dead of the night, I ventured back into my blog archives and refound the incoherently verbose designer I used to be. Blogging unhinderingly about the the things I saw around me that I loved and the injustices around me that had me raging. And then somehow the designer got shushed by the teacher in me and the teacher got sat on by the mom in me. Thats the thing with multiple identities- only one tends to rule at a time and if they all emerge together, its just plain havoc.

Anyhow today I am inspired to blog here again- by something. Perhaps the goodness of the Friday class. Maybe the furniture moving around. Or the browny mustard wall.

So recently someone asked me to design their wedding card. I don’t do wedding cards. Well other than mine. And a close friend’s. The thing is they are personal and I don’t like people dictating colours and terms. So I would rather do it for someone who trusts me with the choices and decisions. Having said that, I did it anyways. Maybe as an exercise for myself more than anything else- or to prove to myself that I do not get emotionally attached to my design.


5 thoughts on “the slumbering designer in me?

  1. hey great to see you got the city (and more) out of your hair and are back posting here…i can identify with the “teacher” in one shushing some of our creative license (in my case in the name of ethics and their privacy, grrr)…however i dont think you should stress so much about the “multiplicities” of your identities (you have never sounded shizo to me for one) and well it takes a fair amount of mix of the different flavors to make the perfect Jam jar.

  2. That is a beautiful pattern, my wife and I have been thinking of ways to use these exact two colors together last month. Is this a new trend? or an old popular combination?

  3. aneela0 this was more cathtartic let me get started rambling- i dont think i xpected it to make sense! but yes happy to restart

    faraz- i love this omcbo too- its all the rage here right now suddenly but somehow i reall i had something long ago that was like this colourwise…vaguely. hence the pattern 🙂

  4. is it possible not to get emotionally attached to your own design?

    btw, i just completely redid my whole room last month (still not fully done). but seriously it feels so good! not just the fact of walking in the ‘new look’ room.. but the whole process of change, brain storming, colours, ideas, creativity, experiments, will this wall colour actually look nice with that colour, slight unhappiness when u’ve finalized something and it cannot be undone, and the concluding feeling of uhhh ok it doesn’t look that bad!…
    i’m really looking forward to a very revitalizing ramadan.. thought i had been brain dead for the past 4 yrs :).

  5. cheeky- YES it is possible if you tell yourself right from the start youre only doing it for th emoney- but yes even then sometimes if it comes from wayy inside you- you get caught. hehe

    im also doing up the house in bits and pices and its amazing how new and alive you can feel with the changes you make in your environment. 😀

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