secret design

In an industry like ours where the distinction between advertising and graphic design is inadvertently overlooked, ignored and plain not understood, it’s very difficult to create a nurturing growing sharing kind of work environment. In advertising, as my world hardened friend will tell me, you simply CANNOT divulge a client’s next plan of action. It’s all about who springs what next and how creatively it is positioned and excuted. Talk about battle plans. However in g-design, which I shall opt to call my field, its simple- if you don’t share, you don’t grow. It’s about communication (which advertsising should also be about, mind you), it’s about aesthetics (again, adevrtsiing should be about this) but in g-design, perhaps the difference is that you are not always looking at returns as actual returns- you are looking more at impact as returns.

Great design (of any kind) is so invigorating, so inspiring and great design that is shared becomes so much more powerful in the change it can bring about- even if it is only in one person’s way of looking at the world. I enthusiastically champion sharing what I do- blogging about it, sending jpegs, showing it to my students, because I love the feedback, the spark of criticism, the friction of opinions. I love knowing what others think of what I do- even if it isn’t necessarily positive- and sometimes it isn’t. I have been accused of simplifying it too much, or other times, over-complicating it; I stand at task to sometimes not dreaming big-ly enough and other times, being too far out in what I suggest. Guilty as charged. But I share, the wild, the creative and the really typical too sometimes,  because if I keep my design a secret, I am never going to grow past the confines of my own thinking.


3 thoughts on “secret design

  1. I agree with your philosophy, I share whatever I learn with my online communities both at work and at home.

    Only recently, someone told me to stop preaching and start teaching. By that what they explained was that I should only teach when I am asked to teach (when there is a buy-in from the audience).

    What do you think of this?

  2. I would say in life as in graphic designing…be large hearted and SHARE…you can only learn and grow. Ive never heard of anyone stifling because they “shared too much”.

  3. hmm faraz- what do you mean buy in? as in one should teach only for appropriate monetaary compensation?? sometimes one teaches merely because what one knows simply HAS to be imparted 🙂 however having said that, I love the fact that i do what i love and someone pays me to do it. 🙂

    aneela- spot on 🙂 but people are so insecure- so selfish. they think if they share they will lose that idea- not realizing that that idea will nourish in the atmosphere around them and come back ten fold in some way or the other.

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