three blind mice

I opened this window to write something.

Rant. Rave. Bemoan. Demand justice. Rage at the injustice and sheer irony of the biggest thief in Pakistan becoming the President. To scream out to everyone that who he is is NOT who we are. But I can’t. I don’t have the words for the sorrow, the deep seated despair I have for my country today- a country that is going to be lead blindly by selfish personal agenda propagating fools, who care not a hoot about the people and naive silly simplicity with which they hope and believe that this could acually mean a turn of events for the better. But then again, there is a God and He has a plan. And onto that starkly basic premise, that I shall hang all my hopes and pray this Ramzan.


7 thoughts on “three blind mice

  1. your post made me want to cry.
    the sorrrow.
    and the hope too.
    because i realize that till this afternoon, i too was saying keh, “Allah ne is ki rassi ko bohat dheel de hui hai”…meaning somewhere in my heart i knew that HE has a plan.
    but for now there is sorrow.

  2. it KILLS me to see sherry rehman propogating this bullshit.. so much for enlightened educated women… at the end of the day, its all about the money… the power

    today is a sad sad day

  3. im just worried what else BB had written in the recent letter found in the handbag..they have explained Mush’s exit and the First Widower’s entry courtesy her To Do list (discovered by Bakhtawar)…what is next? Selling off all public assets, nuking Waziristan, getting Asif re-married to the flavour of the month?

  4. Remember seeing films and the scene where the villain’s diabolical plan has succeeded and his maniacal laughter is echoing through the halls of this lavishly decorated drawing room!

    Last night, the villain’s face and the drawing room were all too painfully close to home and all too recognizable!

  5. this is so bizzare.. i never thought it would actually happen.
    every single person i know was against him taking up the vacant position, even people on the news, random ppl so then.. who actually voted for him?! and its not like he won by some narrow margin. it was a landslide voctory apprently… have no idea what’s going on in the world… it’s just so sad.
    btw, sherry rehman needs to fix her eyebrows.

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