meet our voldemort.

I remember reading the final book of the Potter series with this dread in my heart. Of course, it was all down to it being either Voldemort and Harry, everyone knew that but how it would end was anyone’s bet. The more pragmatic deemed that reality demands that Voldemort wins- because happy endings belong in fairy tales. But secretly everyone rooted for Harry. Prayed for him to defeat the sinister evil. Cheered on the Order of the Phoenix, cried at the sacrifices and remained resolute in the basic belief that, eventually, however long eventually takes, good will somehow, by the sheer combined power of belief and bravery win over evil.

With Pakistan having “elected” its Voldemort, I cannot shake the same dread. That feeling of impending doom and despair that nothing will ever be right again. That we will be led by evil forces against our will, be forced to be a party of things we don’t support and be helpless in the face of a labelling the world over- with a label we do not identify with, with a label that doesn’t stad for a lot of us. And as the day closes over what is probably the blackest day in the history of Pakistan, we try to go on with life, also mourn and then pray and then plan some, waiting for our Harry to show up.


12 thoughts on “meet our voldemort.

  1. you’ve said this so brilliantly.

    i feel perpetually depressed. Not just because Zardari (the lech) became president.Thats a reality we’re facing.the superficial pain.
    I am MORE depressed by what his winning comes to mean.
    it just feels morally wrong for him to have achieved all all my principals, morals and and ethics are in question. everything ive grown up believeing in, has just been spat in the face of…thats what zardari’s presidencey does to me.
    the triumph of evil, which till this had been a fairytail/filmy concept, has never been so real!

  2. i know aneela- but who knows where the justice- and i mean universal justice- lies. we are to short sighted actually to see the real plan.

    huma- prayers!!

    khiz- thats exactly it na- if this is the premise on which we have to believe well then youd rather just stay under the comforter forever and never get out of bed- its almost like ke sriously har kuttay ka din aata hai- but to make the best of a bad deal- lets wait and see what he does- and if he is even worthy of the second chance everyone thinks he should get. 😛 and in the meanwhile- we should all thinka nd pray- and pray some more.

  3. I was being ‘sarcastic’ when I suggested Harry PUTTAR was the saviour but I guess you got it…but Im still trying to figure out the design (Divine or otherwise) or justice behind it (that you and others refer to)…by the way did you read Nafisa Shah’s op/ed on Zardari…she has some valid points (in his defence) but then he could do the ‘good work’ of peace building and building on ‘federalism’ in Pakistan from the outside…why did he have to self-appoint himself…didnt he ever read the papers? does he have no inkling about his public image and how divisive his Presidency would be?

  4. in my humble opinion i think *hope* is fatima bhutto… that is if she ever changes her mind about joining politics.

    i think the almighty has some major plan in store.. coz seriously, nothing.. and i mean Nothing happens without a reason, or some lesson for all to learn from.

  5. We honor heroes…sometimes for their daring, sometimes for their bravery, sometimes for their goodness and sometimes…just because we want to be rescued…if the rite hero doesnt come…we have to rescue ourselves

    – Mary Alice (Desperate Housewives)

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