leaving a sinking ship, a mugging and the nights before eid.

Of course everyone is moving to Dubai, or Amreeca or Timbuktoo. The current mantra in Pakistan is “anywhere but here”- one that our President and his minions also likes to follow mind you. And in all the mass movement or mass talk of movement, there are those few who are here, for better or for worse- a few by choice and most by the fact that there is no choice. You know what leaves a sinking ship na?

The other day coming home from work with k at 230pm, bright afternoon and all, stopped at a red traffic light, obeying rules, with cars all around us less than 2 feet away, we got mugged. Two very polite men, who took my cell and k’s watch (after politely showing us a gun and then pointing it down and away) thanked us, apologized to us for their “majboori” returned our wallets, and out of the odd Rs.1800 of cash they took, gave me Rs150 back for “kharcha”. Gone in less than 60 seconds. It is indeed and odd time in the world if you end up feeling some semblance of sorry for the people who mug you in Ramzan.

The Pakistani 9/11 was so depressing. Made me think that life would never get back to normal but yesterday night as music assaulted our ears from the nearby Park Towers nightly eid celebrations, I was able to sleep much better knwoing that terrorists might dampen our will to go on after tragedy survive but God built in us some chip which makes killing our spirit damn near impossible.


8 thoughts on “leaving a sinking ship, a mugging and the nights before eid.

  1. Yes…its a paradox that we now see some ‘honour amongst thieves’…my aunt has gone through this twice…mugging and a ‘home invasion’…both times the first thing they said was ‘how they respected women and wanted to apologize for invading her privacy’…what can one say?
    and yes glad to know that Karachi’s “heart does go on”, hmmm

  2. Sorry to hear this happened to you guys. I drive around town with Sophy all the time and I am petrified that what if…. but I pray each time I belt her in and don’t look at anyone.

    Allhamdulillah you guys are alright and these guys did it out of majboori, but still it makes one feel terrible.

    Take care and be safe.

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