waiting for mr write.

Typing is fine- I mean if you have to blog and what not- but the real cascade of honest thinking comes to me when I have good ol fashioned pen and paper aiding and abetting my cause. Have always been such a writing person that I couldnt understand why my journals been lying in my bedside gathering dust for the last few months. And today, while talking to a friend of mine, I suddenly realized I know- my favourite pen had finished and I have not had a chance to replace it with one that I actually enjoy writing with- you know the kind, the ones that makes writing feel effortless and smooth and the words just spill onto the page as if dancing. Now  feel like writing. Not typing.  Must go to Billboard tomorrow and buy one.


4 thoughts on “waiting for mr write.

  1. yara….just fwd this post to K and tell him if no Mr Write (courtesy on his way home) you will probably be out looking for the Mr Right.
    But I know what you mean about the ‘real’ thing…I feel similarly about newspapers et magazines, dont feel ‘satiated’ with online papers…so many a time my mother has caught me grabbing the newspaper et al that wraps the ‘fragile items’ she has brought me before the actual present!!!

  2. i seriously know what u mean.
    i can write non-stop in my journal, but at the keyboard i just go completely blank… and i have a favourite *pencil* 🙂

    a bit off topic… have u ever read amitabh bachchan’s blog? i was never an AB fan, but really his writing is beautiful! (it helps that his father was a poet :S)… and he blogs every single day. extremely good reading.

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