the power of pink


Sometimes it isn’t about what is Right or Wrong but about letting it be. As the world edges towards a complete moral breakdown, so many of these moral police systemes have sprung up in order to righteously protect what they think is the correct way to live, according to their interpretation of the culture or religion they are  apart of. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a bad thing, if they went about trying to encourage people to be better by setting good examples themslves, but unfortunately that takes too long. It is much easier to browbeat others by harassing and terrorizing them into submission. If you want change to come, try talking to it instead.

By virtue of being born a Pakistani, I am required to feel some level of animosity towards Indians. It’s an inherited rivalry, that goes well beyond the ramifications of even 1971, 1947, the British Raj, cricket, and the Hindu-Muslim divide. I think when the earth was being created, God said to both countries, “And thou shalt be siblings” and there it was- in a nutshell, the most complicated of relationships. A whole plethora of emotions and expectations ranging from hatred to love to kinship to anger to passion to justification to peace and war. The thing is that once a relationship gets established, one tends to float along-without questioning the premise, without needing to disturb the “what is, is” status. If India and Pakistan were to examine themeslves, really examine themsleves setting aside history, perceptions and politics, they would realize the connect they could have- the inspiration that could be drawn from the similarity and differences of having a shared past. You can’t ignore a shared past- whether good or bad- not matter what- come on, anyon who has been in a relationship will agree. Call me an idealist, but if India Pakistan ever actually put the past behind them and got together, some superpowers might get very worried indeed.

Anyhow I am veering off topic here. What I wanted to write about partciularly here was the recent blogger inititaive in India against the rising Sri Ram Sene- their own homegrown version of extremism. Anyone who hasn’t gone and checked out the Pink Chaddi Campaign must do so. It is a revoluton in itself. It might not really do much, and it might not be the most dignified form of protest, but it is someone standing up to speak- albeit in a more colourful way than expected. The designer in me is loving it- the retro logo- the passion behind the statement and the energy behind the call to action. I feel we Pakistanis have so much to learn on that account. We sit back, failing to question the changes being brought about in our country with our money. We suffer from a lack of proactivity, waiting for someone else, anyone else, to go do something first (and then we criticize it). We could do with looking across the border for some inspiration. Our problems are so similar- we don’t want the Taliban ruling with an iron fist here either. We might not be fighting for pub crawls and the right to drink but surely we would like a more tolerant society where everything is not questioned by a self-proclaimed moral police? Even a blog or a facebook group that takes off, is some positive energy sent out there- to counteract all the negativity- and to me, that is a start. A start of change. Maybe we could do with learning a little from our older sibling about pushing forth to make a point, even if it simmers down eventually because at the end of the day we all have some kind of obligation to fulfill for occupying the slice of space we have on earth.

It is Valentines Day tomorrow- the day of love and as much as the right wing forces not want to believe that there is love in the world, that will one day conquer all, there is and I pray that it does. So I wish all the followers of the PC Campaign a safe and wonderful  tomorrow, and a successful proving of their point for the sake of us women and believers of the right to live as we want everywhere.because no matter what, violence cannot and should not be the answer. Happy Valentines Day everyone.


6 thoughts on “the power of pink

  1. Thanks for the support. I totally agree with you on this,”if India Pakistan ever actually put the past behind them and got together, some superpowers might get very worried indeed.” The gesture of sending pink chaddis proved far more effective than sending bangles or chappals or throwing tomatoes or eggs. Not only women but men also supported the campaign. It gave the message to these bigots that we won’t let you terrorize us. I just heard that the Sri Ram Sena has called off the protests it had planned in Bangalore in Valentine’s Day.

  2. Nikky are you serious? Thats awesome! I guess the world CAN be changed with a few good design symbols after all. MY faith has been renewed.

    sadia- thanks. imagine doing this for our lot :p

  3. Im from India. its glad to read views from lovely people like u in pakistan. Wish we were one country united together. This whole partition thing need not have happened at all…But well, past is past, we have come pretty far. If only this region was united, one can visualise the kind of progress subcontinent would have had. Guess with the current complications and geo political issues, it will remain a pipe dream for a lifetime. But the least that can happen from here on is “we coexist in peace and try to grow together”. We cannot wait for that to happen through politics because that never looks like happening.

  4. dharma- 🙂 im not waiting for the pilticians to get real- i think through bloggin itself i have connected with so many indians and realized that at the base of it all, we are all similar people who want similar things. THAT should be our power. inshallah, one day.

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